Education and trainings

M.Sc.  (Electronics) from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.

                       Tekmetric Certified UNIX administrator 
                       Certified Novell Administrator ( CNA )
                       Certified Novell Engineer ( CNE )
                       Preparing for Cisco CCNA certification.

Diplomas and Trainings	

1.  Three-day course on Advanced AIX administration from IBM, Islamabad
2.  A three-day course titled UNIX Shell Programming by International Information
    Technology, Karachi.
3.  A three-day course titled Advanced UNIX System Administration by International
    Information Technology, Karachi.
4.  A two days training on 3COM Transcend Enterprise Manager from 3COM Malaysia.
5.  A six days training on Windows NT 4.0 Core technologies from Qpoint Islamabad
6.  A five days training on Microsoft Exchange Implementation and administration 
    from Qpoint Islamabad.
7.  Four days training on Microsoft Internet Information Server from Microsoft Karachi.
8.  A five days training on NewBridge 3600 bandwidth manager, Configurations and
    Operations from NewBridge Islamabad.
9.  Four days training on IP routing with 3COM routers, Netbuilder II  from 3COM Karachi.
10. One day training on SQL Net from Oratech, Islamabad.
11. One week training on Oracle DBA from Oratech, Islamabad.
12. Two week course on Introduction to Oracle Tools from ORA-Tech, Islamabad.
13. Four-day course on Advanced IP Routing attended at 3COM Singapore.
14. Four-day course Advanced 3COM NetBuilder II Router Configuration at 3COM Singapore.
15. Six courses attended at Drake international, Singapore required for CNA and CNE. 
            Netware Administration	Netware Advanced Administration
            Networking Technologies	Netware  TCP/IP Transport
            Netware  Service & Support	Netware 4 NDS Design
16. A one year diploma course in Systems Engineering from Aman's Center of Excellence,
    Islamabad, winning a gold medal. The course was designed around the hardware design
    and assembly language programming of the Z-80 microprocessor. 
17. A nine-month course titled Digital Communications and Networking from Amanís Center
    of Excellence. This course was designed around ISOís OSI model and its Protocols in
18. A one week training on Novell Netware 3.11 in Saigol Computers (Pvt) Ltd.
19. A six month diploma in Basic Language from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.


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