My working experience

UNIX Systems Administration
UNIX Systems administration is my major area of experties. I have more than eleven years of experience in administration of different flavours of UNIX like SCO UNIX, AIX ( HACMP clusters), FreeBSD , Linux and SUN Solaris. Setting up of network, Web servers, ftp servers, Oracle, DNS, Sendmail, security applications, NFS, PPP etc. Building new servers and keeping servers running efficiently and securely, Load testing and perfomance tuning, trouble shooting etc. I am a Tekmetrics Certified UNIX administrator.
Writing shell and perl scripts for easy and efficient administration. Lots of experience in script writing.

Networking (LAN/WAN)
My knowledge of computer networking starts from the theoretical class discussions on seven layered OSI reference model and includes cable laying with my own hands in different offices where my company was installing the networks. This goes on to the level where I designed a complete network for my company spanning different cities in Pakistan. Implemented it with a team of three people including me and developed a team of more than ten people to maintain it. This network contains 3COM routers, hubs, Switches, terminal servers and servers running different Operating systems. Radio links and fiber links are used to connect remote sites.
Designing and implementing Local area and Wide area networks. 3COM, Cisco routers, switches, hubs, terminal servers, PPP, ISDN, 3COM transcend ( HP Openview ) network management software. Designed, installed and administered one of the major networks ( Paktel Data network ) in Pakistan.

Network and server Security
In this age of networking and internet, securing data is a prime concern of all IT managers. I have worked a lot on securing networks and servers by seting up of access-lists on routers, installing fire walls. Configuring Servers, while keeping in mind the security issues. Use of security applications to keep the servers secure etc. Following are few security applications used: Firewall1, ipfw, tcp_wrappers, tripwire, SSH etc.

Novell Netware
Six years of experience on Netware server setup and administration. I am a CNE and CNA. Have a good knowledge and experience of NDS.

Microsoft Windows NT
System setup and administration of version 3.51 and 4.0 of Windows NT server. CITRIX windowing terminals, Internet information server, Proxy-servers, Microsoft Exchange Server etc.

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