SUN Solaris Information

Solaris 2 FAQ

Solaris 2 FAQ The following is a list of questions that are frequently asked about Solaris 2.x and later.

Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manual This book provides reference information on Solaris tunable parameters.

Solaris Documents and Tutorials Solstice Disk suite and other topics.

Solaris Advanced System Administrator's Guide, Second Edition Sendmail, NIS+, NFS, Printing, managing software and patches, writing shell scripts and system security

NFS FAQ This Tip Sheet documents a wide variety of information concerning NFS, as implemented in the SunOS and Solaris operating systems.
FTP, Anonymous FTP, TFTP FAQ This Tip Sheet on FTP and TFTP, as implemented in the SunOS and Solaris operating systems.
Open Boot Prom Q&A     by Steve Leung on SunWorld
Starfire (E10K) Administration Very good introduction to Systems administration of SUN E10000 Servers ( by Jeff Ruggeri )

 Solaris Infrequently Asked and Obscure Questions Good collection of Q & A

SUN Blueprint Online Good articles authorised by sun blueprint.

Sun and Solaris Resources Good links and resources to documentation, FAQs and tip sheets on SUN and Solaris.

Building Solaris JumpStart Environment

SUN Help Desk JumpStart How to   Very detailed documentation on Solaris Jumpstart setup.

SUN Help Desk Documents   Backup and restore, CD-RW, DHCP,DNS,LDAP,PPP,SendMail etc.

Volume Managers


Solstice DiskSuite 4.1 Reference

Solstice DiskSuite4.1 SDS Manuals, FAQ, man pages and on line help

Solstice DiskSuite Top Ten Questions SDS ( solstice disk suite ) Q&A

SDS step by step Gives Solstice configuration step by step

Roll out your own High availability Design your own HA System with Veritas Volume Manager (VxVm) and your own scripts.

From Inside Solaris Magazine.

The Vinum Volume Manager 

The Vinum Volume Manager is a block device driver which implements virtual disk drives. It isolates disk hardware from the block device interface and maps data in ways, which results in an increase in flexibility, performance and reliability compared to the traditional slice view of disk storage.