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E10K: SSP installation

Standard disclaimer: Use the information that follows at your own risk. If you screw up a system, don't blame it on me...

Installing and configuring the SSP

  1. Boot the installation cdrom on the SSP
  2. Choose Initial from teh Upgrade system prompt.
  3. Choose Standalone system type.
  4. Choose End User System
  5. Choose Customize from the Software dialog
    1. Add the following packages/clusters:
      1. Archive libraries
      2. Basic networking
      3. X Windows optional fonts from the Font Server cluster
      4. Graphics headers
      5. Online man pages
      6. Point to point protocol
      7. Programming tools and libraries. Ensure all packages in the cluster are selected.
      8. SunOS Header files
      9. Tooltalk End User
    2. Delete the following packages/clusters:
      1. Openwindows binary compatibility from Openwindows Ver 3 cluster.
      2. Openwindows on-line handbooks from Openwindows Ver 3 cluster.
      3. Volume Manger Graphical User Interface from the Volume Manager cluster.
      4. Delete the entire cluster of XGL Runtime libraries
      5. XIL English Localization from the XIL runtime environment cluster.
      6. XIL loadable pipeline library from the XIL runtime environment cluster.
  6. Confirm that there aren't any unresolved dependencies
  7. Continue through the menus until you get to the disk partitions.
  8. Disk partition recommendations:
    1. 256 megs of swap
    2. Everything else in one partition
  9. Continue through the remaining installation steps.
  10. Once the OS is fully installed, install and configure NTP (SUNWxntp) from the Updates for Solaris Operating Environment 2.5.1 Hardware 4/97 or later.
  11. Prepare system files:
    1. Update the name resolution database (NIS, NIS+, DNS) with the name and IP address of both control boards
    2. Update the local /etc/ethers file to reflect the mac address and hostname for the control boards
    3. Update /etc/nsswitch.conf file to force local resolution over name service.