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E10K: SSP daemons

Standard disclaimer: Use the information that follows at your own risk. If you screw up a system, don't blame it on me...

The following daemons run on the SSP; don't run them manually unless directed to do so.




Control board server; provides central access to the E10K control board for client programs running on the SSP.


event detector daemon; uploads event detction scripts to the control boards. When one of these scripts detecs an event, edd executes a response action script.


file access daemon; provides distributed file access services to the SSP clients that need to monitor, read, and write to the SSP configuration files


Provides machine services for netcon and routes host messages to the proper message file.


The connection point for all netcon clients. Netcon_sever communicates with OBP through a control board protocol and the OS using TCP/IP protocols.


Begins execution of OBP. obp_helper terminates when OBP does. During execution, obp_helperprovides services to the OBP such as nvram simulaton, IDprom simulation, and time of day. netcon_server is part of obp_helper


Services the objects listed in the Ultra-Enterprise-1000.mib


SNMP trap sink server; listens to teh SNMP trap port for incoming trap messages and forwards received messages to all connected clients.


Network time protocol; provides time synchronization servcies.