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Installation of OS on a E10K ( starfire ) domain

Domain09 Rebuild ( same as server01 ) By: Tariq Nazir


Server domain09 is a E10K domain and is to be rebuilt as a mirror copy of server server01. This procedure defines the main steps required to do this change. The E10K ssp has a JumpStart setup to install the domains.

  1. On ssp check if the entry for domain09 is right in /etc/ethers.
  2. You can find the ethernet address by ifconfig -a command.

  3. Also check entry in /etc/bootparams. If no entry use following:
  4. # cd /export/install/Solaris_2.6-hw598/Solaris_2.6/Tools

    This is the path where install image is.

    # ./add_install_client domain09 sun4u1

    This command will put the entry in /etc/bootparams file.

  5. If everything alright. Login to ssp as user ssp and enter domain name at prompt
  6. Please enter SUNW_HOSTNAME: domain09

  7. Check the domain status and note down details.
  8. ssp0:domain09% domain_status


    server01 Ultra-Enterprise-10000 mye10k 2.6 6 7

    domain01 Ultra-Enterprise-10000 mye10k 2.6 0 1 8

    domain02 Ultra-Enterprise-10000 mye10k 2.6 2 3 9

    domain03 Ultra-Enterprise-10000 mye10k 2.6 4 5

    domain09 Ultra-Enterprise-10000 mye10k 2.6 10 11

  9. Login to server domain09. Bring the domain09 to Ok prompt.
  10. # shutdown y g0 i0

  11. Bringup the server from ssp
  12. Sp0:domain09% bringup -A off

  13. After bringup is complete, start netcon to go to OK prompt.
  14. Sp0:domain09% netcon

  15. Enter limit-ecache-size on boot prompt for 400MHz CPU with 8Mb Cache ( not supported by Solaris 6).Boot the system with following command
  16. Ok> limit-ecache-size

    Ok> boot net - install

  17. The installation will start. Follow simple steps.
  18. Create disk partitions as of system server01.
  19. Install Volume Manager software from Veritas Volume Manager CDROM.
  20. Run vxinstall to configure. You can use /etc/vx/cntrls.exclude to exclude any controlers from vxinstall.
  21. Run vmsa GUI to configure the disks according to server01 system.
  22. Copy all required data from server01 to domain09. You can use following shell script after setting up ./rhosts entry.



# Copies files from Remote System to the local current directory



rsh server01-01 "cd $dir-to-cp; find . -print | cpio -ocB" | dd ibs=5k obs=5k | cpio -iducmvB