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Replacing A Disk in a Disk Array Using Solaris Solstice DiskSuite (sds)

1. Preserve the disk label for later use, if multiple slices on disk.

    # prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c3t7d0s0 /tmp/c3t7d0s0.vtoc

2. If the slices are not hotspared then replace it.

    # metareplace d12 c3t7d0s0 c2t16d0s2

3. Use the luxadm command to remove the disk from Disk array

   # luxadm remove -F /dev/rdsk/c3t7d0s0

4. Now use luxadm to insert new disk drive.

   # luxadm insert boxname,position

5. Restore the disk label save in step 1

   # cat /tmp/c3t7d0s0.vtoc |fmhard -s - /dev/rdsk/c3t7d0s0

6. Replace metadb if needed

   # metadb -d c3t7d0s0; metadb -a c3t7d0s0

7. Enable disk slices with metareplace

  # metareplace -e d12 c3t7d0s0